Elevate Your Dining: Perfect Champagne & Food Pairings

Champagne is fascinating and delicious on its own but, when paired with food, can transform and elevate any dining experience. The combination of flavors, tight bubbles, and fresh aromas heighten the senses tenfold.   

Fran Berger is an expert in the entertaining and home design industry with a desire to create a phenomenal dining experience that brings friends and family together. Her experience and natural ability to create a sense of luxury in life’s simplest moments make her uniquely suited to inspiring a gathering that your guests won’t soon forget. Create the perfect pairing for your next celebration with some of the most delectable dishes to compliment your favorite glass of Champagne. From the driest of bubbles to the sweetest of flavors, here is a list of the best Champagne food pairings according to Fran:

Classic Champagnes 


Brut is the most common and food-friendly style of Champagne because it contains less sugar and is high in acidity, giving it a crisp and refreshing flavor. The bubbly sharpness beautifully balances fatty and salty foods, so you can enjoy it for any dining occasion. Below are some of the best dishes to pair with your favorite bottle of Brut (my personal favorite Brut is Dom Perignon).

Option 1:

Caviar, Caviar and more Caviar! Black River Caviar is a favorite of choice.

Option 2:


White Truffle Potatoes

Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

Option 3:

Fried Chicken 

Macaroni & Cheese


Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs Champagne tends to be lighter and slightly more crisp and dry compared to many other Champagnes. Like Brut Champagne, Blanc de Blancs make a lovely aperitif for just about any food-tasting experience - from an outdoor picnic at the lakehouse to an upscale evening toasting one of life’s many celebrations. 

This style of Champagne is most appropriately paired with light dishes of seafood or fish, especially when paired with a Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blancs. The lively acidity and touch of minerality will match the freshness of any shellfish. Here are some examples of dishes to pair with your Blanc de Blancs:

Option 1:

Shrimp or Calamari

Option 2: 

Oysters (grilled or raw)

Fettuccini with Black Olives and Chives

Parmesan Breadsticks

Option 3: 

Roasted Chicken (with various herbs, butter, garlic, and lemon)

Garden Salad

Option 4: 

Potato Chips or French Fries with a bleu cheese dipping sauce 



Rosé Champagne is a light red wine expressing various flavors of red berries, citrus, and floral. This bright bubbly, particularly Ruinart, makes for a lovely accompaniment for various different types of foods, from romantic full-course meals to simple, handheld appetizers.  

Option 1: 

Charcuterie Board of Cured Meats

Option 2: 

Roasted Duck

Creamy Risotto

Arugula Salad

Option 3: 

Smoked Salmon

Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan

Spinach Salad with Feta 

Option 4:

Homemade Pizza 




Not quite as dry as Brut Nature and slightly sweeter than Brut, Extra-Brut Champagne has balanced hints of citrus and white floral flavors. This sparkling wine pairs well with soft cheeses, buttery cream sauce, and all kinds of seafood, perfect for any dining affair, specifically with a Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut. Here are some appropriate dishes to pair with a glass of Extra-Brut:

Option 1: 

Roasted Chicken Breast with Mushroom Gravy

Seasoned Vegetable Medley

Option 2: 

Steamed Lobster

Garlic & Herb Angel Hair Pasta

Option 3: 

Cheese Plate with Washed Rind Cheese (Vacherin, Epoisses, Taleggio, Munster)


Plain Crackers


Brut Nature 

As the driest of Champagnes, Brut Nature successfully complements most dishes from the sea, specifically raw fish because of the highly acidic and intense minerality of flavors. A fine Brut Zero, such as a Terre de Vertus Nature, displays a searingly dry mouthful with tight, crisp bubbles that enhance all of the senses during your dining experience. Below are some of the best foods to pair with a bottle of this dry sparkling wine:

Option 1: 


Option 2: 


Option 3:

Fish Tacos with Lime

Option 4: 

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

Tossed Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Nuts



Demi-Sec and Doux are the two sweetest styles of Champagne. Due to the high sugar content, these types of Champagnes are best enjoyed with other sweets - I served Schramsberg Cremant at my wedding. All the more reason to indulge in your guilty pleasures! Sweet Champagnes pair well with a wide range of desserts, including the following: 

Option 1:

Zesty Lemon Bars Aperitif 

Options 2: 

Light and Silky Chocolate Cake

Option 3:

Tarts and Puddings such as Rhubarb, Apricot, and Apple

Option 4:




Whatever your taste buds are craving, there is a perfect Champagne to match any dish and bring out the flavors in each and every bite. Consider introducing one of these recipes to your table and engage in the incomparable experience of a perfect pairing. Discover the mood-altering power of fine dining in the home by visiting Fran Berger’s website - from her own high-quality creations to her curations of luxurious homeware, you will find the perfect pieces to add to your collection today.

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