“Engaging in life’s unexpected luxuries takes just a small amount of attention and gives an exceptional amount of return.”

Fran Berger 

At-Home Extraordinaire

More than two decades ago, restaurateur and entrepreneur Fran Berger embarked on her newest venture, opening the doors and welcoming Los Angeles locals and visitors alike into her destined-to-be-iconic dining establishment in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Through her unrelenting commitment to creating exceptional dining experiences and an innate passion for entertaining others, Fran quickly cultivated her restaurant, The Farm of Beverly Hills, into a local hotspot and veritable LA landmark, with guests gathering from near and far to enjoy the warm atmosphere, authentic hospitality, and cherished menu in a quintessential Californian laid-back luxury environment.  Fran’s signature spirit and effortless elegance, along with her consummate experience entertaining celebrities and an ever-widening circle of friends and family, soon made her a beloved tastemaker within her community, and raised her restaurant and brand to national recognition.

Today, Fran is deep into her second act as an entrepreneur, luxury lifestyle designer and consultant, author, e-shop owner, TV personality and influencer with her destination website and social channels, offering sought-after advice to elevate the everyday, from go-to recipes, wine & cheese pairings, hostess gifts and everything home entertaining to skincare regimens, travel tips and fine living recommendations. In addition, Fran spends time as a brand ambassador increasing visibility for other leading lifestyle brands and associated product lines by way of national and regional U.S. television appearances, digital content, social media and video platforms, and as an on-air host for internally produced video campaigns, and through speaking engagements and industry events.

On Fran Berger Living, Fran presents a shop of chic collections of homewares and curated goods, featuring her own exclusive line of Fran Berger Glassware. Personally designed by Fran and thoughtfully handcrafted by heritage glass artisans in the Czech Republic, the distinctive glassware collection embodies the simplicity of sophistication with each design’s delicate yet remarkable presence and well-considered curves that encourage the true taste of wines and spirits.

Fran’s impeccable taste for the finer things is also showcased in The Catalogue VOL. 01, her new coffee table book featuring a beautiful selection of exceptional tableware from her celebrated career as a home entertaining icon and restaurateur.  Through a series of stunning photographs and Fran’s engaging storytelling, the book provides valuable insight on how to use and better appreciate pieces already owned and adored as well as selecting new objects to add to a home collection to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely pleasurable.

For exclusive access to her signature coveted expertise, Fran offers a bespoke service where she assists clients with all facets of home design and styling, personal shopping, object curation and elevated lifestyle experiences in close collaboration with interior designers and industry-leading lifestyle brands.

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Curating bespoke experiences at home with Fran

Fran shares with her clients an authentic desire to bring objects to the home that artfully elevate the living experience of the everyday. As a visual storyteller, Fran works closely with clients to find and create their own sense of home, taking inventory of their interests and sensibilities to craft an oasis of elegance with a distinct narrative. Fran personally shops with and for clients, helping them to fill their cabinetry with serving platters, glassware, kitchenware, barware and other entertaining accoutrements. From caviar and Champagne soirées to Taco Tuesday dinners, Fran helps create a deep appreciation for all of her clients’ at-home moments, making memories that last a lifetime.



With a unique approach to design and curation that emphasizes livable luxury, Fran assists clients with all facets of home design and styling, personal shopping, object curation and lifestyle experience in close collaboration with industry-leading lifestyle brands and interior designers specially selected for every tailored desire and need. 

Private consultation services with Fran are by special request and of limited availability.