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“I've carefully selected this modern kitchen tools collection for everyday use, aiming to add a dash of elegance to your daily life. Each tool is crafted to be versatile, perfect when preparing for grand celebrations or to bring a sophisticated touch to the simple joys when preparing your daily meals.”

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Edge Grain Board

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Edge Grain Board

$300.00 / PAIR

Treated correctly, this cutting board could become your next family heirloom. It’s practical enough for all your kitchen chopping and prep work, and beautiful enough to use as the base for a cheese or charcuterie board. Sustainably handmade of solid walnut by a small team, it has integrated handles on the sides for easy carrying. Keep it out of the dishwasher—just wipe it with a soapy sponge, rinse with hot water, and let it air dry. Condition it occasionally with a food-grade mineral oil. 

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Small Round Wood Chopping Block

$65.00 / PAIR

Prep work is a pleasure with this beautiful, soft-turned, rounded-edge, real maple wood chopping block. It’s the perfect size for chopping or slicing citrus for cocktails, and it’s pretty enough to leave at your bar when you serve them on it. Hand wash only and dry immediately to keep the wood from cracking. Oil it regularly with food-grade oil, but you can use olive oil in a pinch. 

Pictured with the Extra Small Bowl.

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Paper Towel Holder Angled

$245.00 / PAIR

Even quick clean-ups feel a bit luxe when your paper towels are held by this walnut and brass roll holder. Each piece of wood is selected for its beauty and uniqueness. You’ll love how this dresses up your countertop. 

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Rolling Pin

$80.00 / PAIR

Experience the rich history of one of the world’s oldest cooking methods with an artfully designed De JONG & Co. Rolling Pin, inspired by the timeless tradition of French bakers. Reflecting collaborative design with Rachel De Jong, renowned pastry chef, the De JONG & Co. Rolling Pin’s clean lines form a functional yet beautiful kitchen tool that enhances every endeavor on your baking journey.

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Pepin French Rolling Pin

$65.00 / PAIR

Part of the joy of baking is the feel of the dough in your hands. You’ll love rolling out pie and pizza dough with this French rolling pan. Hand-turned and shaped with love from a single block of white oak, this rolling pin will help you get your pasta to the perfect translucent thinness, or help you make thick and fluffy biscuits. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly before putting it away.

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Board and Bowl Butter

$18.00 / PAIR

Keep your wooden serving pieces (and cutting boards, rolling pins, and countertops) looking their best with this conditioning butter, formulated by California woodworkers. This blend is more viscous than ordinary mineral oil, which makes application much easier. After washing and thoroughly drying your piece, wipe it with Board and Bowl Butter and let it soak in. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel before use or storage. While occasionally-used items can be conditioned periodically, your kitchen workhorses will benefit from daily or weekly treatment.

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Ivory White Cotton Waffle Knit Dish Towel

$28.00 / PAIR

Generously sized and absorbent enough to dry large serving platters and sheet pans, these waffle weave dish towels are fast drying, look attractive on the counter, and feel great in the hands. These come as a set of two, one white and one ivory, and they launder beautifully; just don’t wash them with bleach. Try them and you’ll understand why these dish towels have developed a cult following! 

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Brass & White Marble Stoneware Sugar Bowl

$45.00 / PAIR

Use this lovely marble and brass pinch pot for sugar with the matching Marble Creamer, or alone for salt to add a touch of simple elegance to your table. Made from a hollowed-out marble block with the brass spoon included, it’s perfectly round and ready to adorn your table. Hand wash only and dry immediately.

Pictured with the Marble + Brass Creamer

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Brass & White Marble Stoneware Creamer

$42.00 / PAIR

This lovely creamer is as functional as it is beautiful. It’s constructed from a hollowed white marble block, so there are no seams to disturb the perfectly round shape, and it has a brass foot for maximum design impact. Store it in your refrigerator when you’re not using it and it will keep your cream, milk, or the non-dairy creamer of your choice perfectly cold on your table. Add the Simple Marble Sugar Pinch Pot for a perfect pair. Hand wash only and dry immediately.

Pictured with the Brass + Marble Sugar Dish.

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From morning smoothies and quick weekday breakfasts to cozy family dinners and weekend baking marathons… elevate every culinary experience with this exquisite kitchen tools collection from Fran Berger. Designed with modern aesthetics by expert craftsmen, the Fran Berger kitchen tools collection uplifts the functionality and style of any cooking or baking endeavor, introducing a touch of contemporary sophistication to everyday meal preparation and special gatherings.