Labradorite Sparkle Bee Jewelry Box

$128.00 / PAIR

The Joanna Buchanan Labradorite Sparkle Bee Jewelry Box is more than a stunning place to store your precious jewelry. Crafted from labradorite, long known for its myriad healing properties, ability to balance and protect the aura, and provide a source of strength and stability for navigating challenging times. Crafted from antique brass, labradorite, and glass, and lined in suede, the Joanna Buchanan Labradorite Sparkle Bee Jewelry Box arrives in a beautiful gift box, for easy gifting to that special someone.

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Stripey Bee Pot, Small

$88.00 / PAIR

Versatile and elegant, the Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Pot can store the Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Cocktail Picks with ease and can also assume the role of a beautiful bud vase for showcasing delicate blooms. Effortlessly transforming any space with its gracefulness, the Joanna Buchanan Stripey Bee Pot is the epitome of beauty and functionality. The perfect all-purpose accessory, the bee pot arrives in a stunning gift box, and makes an ideal present for someone special.

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Dual Bud Vase, Marble & Silver

$175.00 / PAIR

Elegantly display your beloved blossoms with the ANNA New York Dual Bud Vase, an exquisite melding of nature and sophisticated design. Marrying luxurious Italian marble with gleaming accents of silver, the captivating shape of the ANNA New York Dual Bud Vase effortlessly transforms even the most humble blooms into works of art. Each bud vase is made from Carrara marble, long believed to encourage adaptability and positive energy.

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Hospitality Tray, Silver & Crystal

$350.00 / PAIR

Bold style and sophisticated functionality are the essence of the ANNA New York Hospitality Tray. Meticulously crafted from pure silver-plated natural crystal and solid stainless steel, the ANNA New York Hospitality Tray is timeless, an heirloom masterpiece designed to last for generations to come. Whether serving light cakes and scones for an afternoon tea or assorted hors d'oeuvres for a festive soirée, this versatile hospitality tray will gracefully complement your table and bring an air of elegance to every occasion.

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Talianna Oro Bud Vase, White & Gold

$75.00 / PAIR

Embrace the sheer beauty of imperfection with the ANNA New York Talianna Oro Bud Vase. This inaugural collection defies conventional notions of flawlessness and celebrates individuality and uniqueness, illustrated in complex patterns carved into the vase’s exquisite porcelain surface. The ANNA New York Talianna Oro Bud Vase reflects bio morphism design, where shapes and forms are inspired by those found in nature. A complement to any decor, each Oro bud vase, hand painted with 24k gold, gracefully caresses nature’s blooming stems.

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Talianna Lily Pad Catchall Tray, White & Gold

$49.00 / PAIR

Special belongings are never far out of reach with the ANNA New York Talianna Lily Pad Catchall Tray, artfully crafted of ceramic and embellished with 24k gold detail. An eye-catching piece, this white and gold tray gently cradles your favorite jewelry and personal items while simultaneously making an elegant statement on your desk or bedside table. A complement to any decor, the ANNA New York Talianna Lily Pad Catchall Tray is where style meets function.

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Catchall Dish Walnut

$120.00 / PAIR

Special belongings deserve an important resting place in the home, and the De JONG & Co. Catchall Dish offers the perfect solution. Jewelry and personal items nestle safely in the smooth warmth of curved edges hand-turned from sustainably harvested, domestic hardwoods. Beautifully crafted to complement any decor with its minimalist design, the Catchall Dish makes a statement on your entry table, desk, or nightstand.

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Malia Organic Bowl

$160.00 / PAIR

“Malia” means “queen” in Swahili, and I love using these Malia bowls because the dramatic organic shapes make them the queen of the table! Each is handmade from Ankole cow horn by Ugandan artisans, so no two will have the exact same color or shape. They’re as functional as they are beautiful, and might just be the perfect place for citrus on your breakfast table. Hand wash only with cool water and mild soap. Dry immediately. These bowls are heat sensitive, so do not microwave or place in the dishwasher. 

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