Fran’s Guide to Crafting the Perfect White Christmas Cocktail

Bring that winter wonderland indoors with this warming holiday drink!  The White Christmas cocktail, a flurry delicacy of smooth and creamy ingredients, will give your guests the inviting and familiar feeling of the most wonderful time of the year.   ...

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Fran’s Guide to Crafting the Perfect Cranberry Gin Cocktail

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to step up your hosting game and impress your guests with a drink that's as delightful as it is elegant. With its bright, tart flavors and sophisticated style, the Cranberry Gin Cocktail will...

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Best White Wine For Cooking

Cooking with white wine, or as the Italians call it, “blending with wine,” can turn a simple meal into a flavorful and complex dish! Each property can enhance your meal - the acidity of white wine will perfectly tenderize a...

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Hosting the Ultimate Dinner Experience

Laying the Foundation for a Memorable Dinner You can create some of life’s most cherished memories gathered at the dinner table. Even the smallest of moments can be celebrated, leaving lasting impressions on your guests for years to come. Entertaining...

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How To Entertain Guests At Home - Tips For Hosting At Home

Hosting an event in your home, whether big or small, can be a rewarding and exhilarating experience. With a little effort - and a lot of love - you can delight your guests with welcoming spaces, opportunities for connection and...

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The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Stunning Crudité Platter

Want to create a colorful and flavorful spread to entertain and delight your guests?  A crudité platter makes for a beautiful and impressive dish for everyone to enjoy at any occasion. Follow this simple guide with personal suggestions from Fran...

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Gifting Made Easy with Charcuterie Board Gift Baskets!

Charcuterie boards can make for a delightfully personal and entertaining gift basket - the variety of flavors and ingredients to choose from make for an impressive and unique gift for any occasion. Fran Berger, a renowned expert in home entertaining...

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Build a Simple Charcuterie Board with Our Easy Guidelines!

Shop Red Wine Glasses Charcuterie is a popular culinary art dedicated to enjoying preserved meats and cheeses. These bountiful spreads have been used to entertain dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, charcuterie boards continue...

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