I’m just going to say it… Sex makes women STUPID! I’ve been saying this for ages and eventually all my girlfriends agree with me. You have to understand, I’m all for having sex, making love, having a deep connection with someone – whatever you want to call it. What we all, as women, need to know though is that when we decide to participate with someone (whether they’re the new person in our lives or someone that we’ve been with for a while and love) there’s some hidden switch that flips in our brains that makes us give up all logic when it comes to things that either annoy us about the other person or things the other person does that are toxic to our lives.

We all have girlfriends who will put up with all kinds of behavior from the other person after they’ve had sex with them that they would NEVER have accepted prior. When they complain that the other person is doing this or that, we look at them as if they have two heads – didn’t they already know about that thing the other person does? Now… we have to accept that we do the exact same thing. I’m telling you, sex makes women stupid – We just have to agree that it does and move on!



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