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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

When two wine lovers get married, you get a gift of your own — the pleasure of shopping for stunning and elegant wine-related accessories and accents. Beyond purchasing a high-quality bottle of wine, you can choose from a variety of personalized, elegant, and experiential gifts that wine lovers in your life will enjoy and appreciate. 

With so many inspired items to choose from, we curated a selection of classic and luxurious wedding gifts for wine lovers. 


Essential Wine Accessories Every Couple Needs

Shop for gifts that make it a memorable and stylish occasion each time a couple pops a bottle together or while entertaining guests. Choose from inspired wedding gifts for wine lovers that enhance the process of serving, drinking, preserving, and storing wine. 

Elevate the experience of opening and enjoying a bottle of wine with gifts such as a high-end electric bottle opener, stylish wine serving tray, marble wine cooler, or beautifully shaped wine decanter or carafe.

Make it feel like a special moment each time the happy couple pours a glass by gifting a set of high-quality crystal wine glasses designed to enhance the aroma, taste, and sophistication of wine drinking. Or, choose a unique set of quartz wine gems that keep wine chilled and at optimal drinking temperature without diluting it.

Enhance every sip by gifting a wine preservation tool such as a Coravin System. The device pours wine without removing the cork to prevent oxidation, preserve the quality of opened bottles of wine, and help special bottles last longer. 

Protect the couple’s carefully curated wine collection by choosing a stylish wine refrigerator that features dual temperature zones to keep both red and white wines at optimal temperatures to preserve their taste and quality. 

Lastly, surprise a happy couple of wine lovers by giving them a bottle they have never seen before. Go to a wine specialty shop or browse collections online to find a rare, vintage, unicorn, or archive bottle. Whether the couple decides to open and enjoy it or keep it on their shelf for years to come, it will serve as a memorable keepsake and conversation starter. 

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Personalized Gifts for a Personal Touch

A wedding is a significant occasion that deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. If you want to offer an unforgettable gift to a couple on their wedding day, personalize it. Choose a wine-related item that can be customized with the couple’s last name, initials, unique personal detail, or wedding date. 

Personalized Serveware & Stemware: Help a couple start their life together in style with custom high-quality serveware and stemware. To offer a sophisticated appeal, look for classic items and personalization details such as a monogrammed charcuterie board, stunning wine decanter engraved with initials, or glass-etched wine glasses. 

Wine Glass Charms: Help the wine lovers in your life personalize their existing glassware collection with custom wine glass charms. Gift custom, handmade gold or silver charms that feature the couple’s last name or represent their unique attributes, such as these stunning Zodiac Wine Charms

Custom Wine Label: Create an especially exclusive item by designing a personalized, custom label you can adorn on a bottle of wine. A custom wine label is an eye-catching way to commemorate the couple and their special day with a bottle that feels personal and one-of-a-kind. 

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Experiences That Last a Lifetime

Rather than give a one-time present, consider how you can offer a gift that keeps giving. Experiences are gifts that can provide special moments as well as memories that last a lifetime. 

One of the best wedding gifts for wine lovers allows the couple to expand their interest and taste for wine. In-person wine tastings at local wineries or restaurants are a great gift because they give the couple a memorable experience together along with an opportunity to discover new wine labels and flavors. 

Another way to help a couple discover new wines is through a wine club. Look for a subscription-based service that curates high-quality selections of wine. Some wine clubs deliver, or you can find local options where couples can pick up their wine. Wine club memberships may feature a bottle monthly or quarterly, providing you with an opportunity to give a gift that lasts throughout the year.   

Also, consider gifts that complement classic wine experiences. Instead of a wine club, browse monthly subscriptions that feature artisanal food items that could pair with an exquisite bottle of wine. Cheese, chocolate, baked goods, and high-quality meats can all provide a comprehensive sensory experience for wine lovers.

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Unique Finds for the Wine Aficionado Who Travels

Consider thoughtful wedding gifts for wine lovers who also love to travel. For the couple who loves to visit famous wine regions, give a unique gift that helps them bring back their favorite bottles of wine. Gift a wine bottle suitcase that uses foam and cushions to securely hold bottles in place during long-distance travel and flights. 

Also, give a gift to transport a bottle or two locally for when the couple attends an elegant day picnic or stylish dinner with friends. Select a bag made from high-quality leather or stylish wicker to add a touch of style and sophistication when bringing a bottle to an event or special occasion.


Making It Memorable

When shopping for a wedding gift, remember it’s not all about the items you buy. It’s also about the thought, care, and consideration you put into the process. Shop for gifts that will leave a lasting mark on the memory of the happy couple. 

Coffee Table Book: Inspire the couple to create artful moments at home by gifting Fran Berger’s The Catalogue: Vol 01. This beautifully bound guide showcases sophisticated items hand-picked by Fran Berger for their style and undeniable elegance. The couple can find artful inspiration for their own at-home style on every page. 

Wine-Tasting Notebook: Help your loved ones remember their love for wine (and each other) with a wine-tasting notebook they can use to chronicle their tastings and experiences. Choose a high-quality leather book cover to provide a timeless keepsake that can track the couple’s favorite wines and moments enjoyed together. 

Fine Dining: Give the couple a reason to get out and enjoy their favorite fine-dining restaurants together. Offer gift cards to the restaurants they love and enjoy. Since the couple will want to enjoy wine with their dinner, be sure to select restaurants that allow guests to use gift cards to pay for wine and alcoholic beverages. 


Select the Perfect Wedding Gifts for Wine Lovers

If the wine lovers in your life are getting married, you are already off to a good start in the gift-buying process. You know you can give them something they will enjoy by providing a wine-related item or experience. 

You have a lot to choose from when it comes to wedding gifts for wine lovers. To select the perfect gift, go deep. Think about the couple, what they find meaningful, and how they like to spend their time, and it will guide you to the perfect gift — whether it is practical, personalized, experiential, or out-of-the-box. 

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