I Want To Be Just Like You

I was out with a really good girlfriend last night.  When it comes to my “group” of girls she’s a relative newbie- I’ve known her less than 2 years.  BUT, and this is a really big but, she’s one of those people that when you meet them you instantly know they will be a lifetime friend-a bestie.  She will definitely be in my circle forever.

She’s incredibly smart (street smart in particular which is WAY more important in life than book smart-I don’t care who you ask), funny, quick on her feet in all circumstances, socially very clever and –oh- did I mention that she’s tall and beautiful with a smoking body?  No?  Well she is.    She’s the kind of girl that you could easily hate but she’s way too sweet and caring to do that.

She can keep up with me, which is no easy feat as I move at 100 mph most days.  She says she loves that I can keep up with her!  So here’s the thing.  Last night she said that I’m her role model after her mom and that she wants to be ME when she grows up (she’s turning the big 4-0 in a couple of years)!  No one, and I mean NO ONE has ever said they want to grow up to be me.  I love that she sees me in that way, I don’t understand it but I do love it.

Here is my view on that- I think that it’s important to become the person that you needed to have in your life when you were growing up.  Be the person for others that you needed for you.

I’m not saying I didn’t have support when I was young but my family did things in their own way as all families do and as the “creative one” in the bunch in my house I’m not sure that they always understood me or what I wanted although I think they did try.  I didn’t see them as unusual or as interesting as I thought I was.

I was always looking to go out and be the person who traveled, saw theater, ate out experiencing different cuisines and did what I viewed as exciting things.  Them – not so much. Although my brother did take a trip to Mexico to go to a weekend long concert which my Dad tagged along to as the only way they’d let him go.  My brother ended up needing my Dad to get them the hell out of there went the concert went sideways!

But I digress.

I guess I’ve grown into that person that I wished I’d had in my family.  The one that was as “crazy” as I was and am and could run circles around almost anyone around them.  It’s a fun way to live I can honestly say. So, here I am- apparently that person for this best friend of mine.  Wow!!! Here’s to the wild ride.



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