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Fran Berger Curated Homeware

“I believe your home should be a reflection of your style and a haven of comfort. That's why I've curated this collection of exquisite homeware, encompassing everything from elegant serveware to statement accessories and luxurious throws. Whether you're searching for the perfect hostess gift, a stylish upgrade for your kitchen, or a cozy addition to your living room, you'll find it here. Explore each collection and discover the pieces that will transform your house into a home you love.”

Elevo Luna Liquor Decanter, Obsidian

$350.00 / PAIR

Relax at the end of the day and indulge in the pure luxury and unparalleled sophistication of the ANNA New York Elevo Luna Liquor Decanter. Every sip of your favorite beverage is elevated to new heights with this exquisite, lead-free European crystal decanter with a stopper handcrafted from Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Designed for everyday use and exuding a quiet elegance that will complement any occasion, the ANNA New York Elevo Luna Liquor Decanter commands a calm, strong presence in your home.

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    Ita Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader, Sand Agate & Gold

    $95.00 / PAIR

    Enjoy effortless sophistication with the exquisite ANNA New York Ita Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader, a versatile addition to every occasion and table. Perfectly sized to showcase an array of savory snacks, this set is stunning in its own right. The ANNA New York Ita Cheese Plate & Forma Spreader is made in Brazil and crafted from beautiful sand agate, a semi-precious gemstone thought to instill tranquility in the mind, body, and spirit.

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      Elevo Luna DOF, Obsidian, Set of 2

      $175.00 / PAIR
      Skilled craftsmanship and modern design are hallmarks of the ANNA New York Elevo Luna Double Old Fashioned Glasses. Fashioned from premium lead-free European crystal, each glass is adorned with exquisite princess-cut Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass stone that is believed to provide protection against negative elements. The ANNA New York Elevo Luna Double Old Fashioned Glasses are more than just barware for your favorite whiskey; this set enriches the flavors of your libations for an unparalleled drinking experience.
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      Champagne Flute

      $260.00 / PAIR

      Bubbles have never looked more beautiful! Delicate, with a distinct presence, this glassware feels like a bird in hand. Clean, crisp lines exemplify the modern yet timeless design sensibilities of our crystal champagne flute, elegantly heightening the drinking experience with every sip.

      In a box of two champagne flutes.

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      Fine Red Wine Glass

      $260.00 / PAIR

      Designed to encourage the true flavor of bigger and bolder reds, The Ibis features a full-bodied, bowled silhouette in an artisanal gesture of unique, light-as-air beauty.  This red wine glass is a distinctive coming together of form and function suited for every table and bar.

      In a box of two red wine glasses.

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      Coupe Glass

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      Coupe Glass

      $260.00 / PAIR

      Toast, sip, repeat. The Heron is designed with boundless pleasure for the senses with its unique modern flourishes on the classic coupe form.  A sensational crystal design perfect for serving up fabulous cocktails and everlasting memories.

      In a box of two coupe glasses.

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      Small Round Wood Chopping Block

      $65.00 / PAIR

      Prep work is a pleasure with this beautiful, soft-turned, rounded-edge, real maple wood chopping block. It’s the perfect size for chopping or slicing citrus for cocktails, and it’s pretty enough to leave at your bar when you serve them on it. Hand wash only and dry immediately to keep the wood from cracking. Oil it regularly with food-grade oil, but you can use olive oil in a pinch. 

      Pictured with the Extra Small Bowl.

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      Organic Dishware - White Stoneware Serving Platter

      $80.00 / PAIR

      Whether you’re passing around a family-style side dish, setting out a cheese plate for a cocktail party, or showing off an entrée, this serving platter can be used for a variety of purposes. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe to 450 degrees, the handmade, organic shape—not quite oval, not quite rectangle—adds a touch of artistry that will perfectly complement whatever comes out of your kitchen. 

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      White Wine Glass

      $260.00 / PAIR

      Elevate your drinking experience with the exceptional detailing and expressive design of The Crane wine glass. Crafted especially for savoring your favorite white varietals, this glass is luxurious enough for special occasions as well as making every setting celebratory.

      In a box of two white wine glasses.

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      Marble Serving Board, Small with Brass Feet

      $91.00 / PAIR

      Every host or hostess knows how essential a multi-functional serving piece is. This serving board, a solid slab of white marble with rounded corners and circular brass feet, can be used to serve a cheese board, charcuterie, or dessert platter. It can be used to elevate bottles in a home bar. You can even prep your food on it. It will become your most essential, multi-functional serving piece. Hand wash and dry.  

      Pictured with the Swallow Champagne Flute

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      Brass & White Marble Stoneware Sugar Bowl

      $45.00 / PAIR

      Use this lovely marble and brass pinch pot for sugar with the matching Marble Creamer, or alone for salt to add a touch of simple elegance to your table. Made from a hollowed-out marble block with the brass spoon included, it’s perfectly round and ready to adorn your table. Hand wash only and dry immediately.

      Pictured with the Marble + Brass Creamer

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      Aperitif Glass

      $190.00 / PAIR

      Like its namesake, The Hummingbird aperitif glass evokes a sense of wonder and delight with its delicate nature yet subtle strength. This petite design is a showstopping silhouette of sophistication that raises every moment into the realm of exceptional.   

      In a box of two aperitif glasses.

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      Large Brass & White Marble Serving Board

      $105.00 / PAIR

      How will you use this stunning serving board? As a decadent dessert platter? An inviting cheese board? A colorful charcuterie? You could even use it as a pedestal for the most prized bottles at your next wine tasting, or you could simply prep your food on it. A solid slab of white marble, with rounded corners and circular brass feet, the possible uses are practically endless. Hand wash and dry. 

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      Ivory White Cotton Waffle Knit Dish Towel

      $28.00 / PAIR

      Generously sized and absorbent enough to dry large serving platters and sheet pans, these waffle weave dish towels are fast drying, look attractive on the counter, and feel great in the hands. These come as a set of two, one white and one ivory, and they launder beautifully; just don’t wash them with bleach. Try them and you’ll understand why these dish towels have developed a cult following! 

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      Medium White Marble Stoneware Bowl

      $95.00 / PAIR

      The perfect companion to the small marble bowl, this size is large enough for movie night snacks like chips, popcorn, or nuts, while still elegant enough to take center stage on your table. Be careful with brightly colored, heavily pigmented liquids and foods like berries and beets, which could stain the marble. Hand wash only and dry immediately. 

      Pictured with the Marble Bowl - Small and Marble Bowl - Large.

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      Small White Marble Stoneware Bowl

      $60.00 / PAIR

      This small marble bowl is the perfect size for candy and snacks, or as an accompaniment to a cheese or charcuterie board at your next gathering. The heft of it feels substantial in the hand without being heavy. Buy several in small and medium sizes to set around during a cocktail party or to use for your next buffet-style spread. Be careful with brightly colored liquids or foods like berries, which could stain the marble. Hand wash only and dry immediately.

      Pictured with the Marble Bowl - Medium and Marble Bowl - Large.

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      Brass & White Marble Stoneware Creamer

      $42.00 / PAIR

      This lovely creamer is as functional as it is beautiful. It’s constructed from a hollowed white marble block, so there are no seams to disturb the perfectly round shape, and it has a brass foot for maximum design impact. Store it in your refrigerator when you’re not using it and it will keep your cream, milk, or the non-dairy creamer of your choice perfectly cold on your table. Add the Simple Marble Sugar Pinch Pot for a perfect pair. Hand wash only and dry immediately.

      Pictured with the Brass + Marble Sugar Dish.

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      Organic Dishware - Extra Small White Stoneware Bowl

      $12.00 / PAIR

      You’ll be surprised by how many uses you’ll find for these small bowls. They’re the perfect size for snacks and ideal to hold all the nuts, olives, jams, mustard, and dipping sauces that make a charcuterie board sing. Not quite round, not quite square, the organic shape makes them delightful to hold and behold. They’re dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe to 450 degrees. Sold individually.

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