Relationship Recipes: Who Do I Want Around My Table?



I love to read recipes.  I think I always have.  I have often purchased cookbooks just because there are recipes in them that look so interesting that I think I will make them some day.  Of course, there are also those cookbooks that I will never cook from, I just bought them because either the pictures were beautiful (on occasion, referred to as food porn) or because the recipes in them looked delicious (but I knew I wouldn’t make them). Either way, I have a lot of cookbooks and food magazines that I save in the hopes of referring to them when I’m in a creative mood.  That rarely happens.  I do mean rarely.  But hope springs eternal.

Anyway, part of my thought process when I’m reading these recipes and books is that I try to decide who of my friends would appreciate being a guest when I decide to cook that particular thing.  I think about who would be the good helper in the kitchen, who would be the person who loves the particular food I’m looking at. I’m thinking about the whole experience of preparing a meal, but also about who will make a good companion and deepen relationships.  Sometimes I take a long time to decide whom to invite. Then there are those times that I just throw out a group text and see who replies and then decide what to make!  Either way, it’s always a party, even if there are only three of us.



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