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The Ultimate Guide to White Wine Glasses

When it comes to wine, using the right glass is an important detail in crafting the best tasting experience, as well as aesthetically elevating your tablescape for any occasion. That said, white wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you know which to choose? 

Luxury lifestyle expert, Fran Berger, brings decades of experience to curating the best products to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely easier in this ultimate guide to white wine glasses. Use this article to learn the different options in white wine glasses and how to choose the right one for you. 


Types of White Wine Glasses

Each unique wine glass is designed to highlight the peak characteristics of your wine of choice, enhancing your overall enjoyment of each sip. White wine glasses are specially designed to preserve delicate floral aromas and crisp, cool temperatures. The types of glasses made specifically for white wine include:

Chardonnay Wine Glasses

The Chardonnay wine glass is classified as the largest of the white wine glass types. Like a Burgundy glass, the Chardonnay has a larger opening, so the wine can aerate at its widest point. It has a longer stem than a red wine glass to avoid warming. 

Enjoy a full-bodied Chardonnay with one of my favorite wine glasses from Moser

Sauvignon Blanc Glasses

The body of a Sauvignon Blanc glass is wider at the bottom and narrower at the opening. These glasses have a flared shape at the widest point, though it’s not just for looks. This is to allow the fruit flavors and aromas to fully develop to the top of the glass. The U-shaped design brings forth the flavors without letting the intense aromas escape as you sip. 

It’s no surprise that this glass was made especially for Sauvignon Blanc, however, it also works well with other light, fruit-flavored wines.

Montrachet Glasses

The Montrachet glass is made for experiencing the multiple layers of a full-bodied white wine. This type of glass has an equally large-rounded body and opening. This allows the wine to flow evenly from tongue to palate, revealing the intensity of crisp, acidic flavors. While these glasses pair well with any white wine, they are also thin and fragile, something to consider when looking for the best glass for your home’s collection.

A Montrachet glass is best paired with a Montrachet Chardonnay, such as Louis Latour, to accentuate the generous intensity of almonds and honey. It can also be used for other white wines with complex profiles. 

Riesling Glasses

This is the smallest glass of the white wine glass style. The riesling glass has a small, rounded bowl that narrows towards the rim. This helps to cut down the intensity of flavors and sweetness by sending the contents to the back of the mouth. 

The Riesling glass pairs perfectly with Riesling, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc, as it will help balance the high acidity and sweetness of these fruit-forward wines.

White Wine Glass Styles

From casual cocktail parties to formal dining occasions, there is always a wine glass style to elevate your choice of white wine for a crisp and refreshing experience. Consider the style that best fits your home entertaining needs:

Crystal White Wine Glasses

Crystal is a high-quality material for crafting white wine glasses because of its ability to be spun very thinly. The thickness of the rim of a wine glass serves an important purpose for your tasting, including allowing the aromas of your wine to breathe and how you perceive the taste. Although it can be spun thin, the crystal is extraordinarily strong in comparison to regular glass and is less likely to break. This allows you to get more day-to-day use and enjoyment out of your crystal wine glasses. 

Stemless White Wine Glasses

Stemless glasses are a more casual style of wine glass but can be used for everyday dining occasions, whether paired with a sweet dessert or used at a spring cocktail gathering.  Their smaller shape makes for easy holding, while still providing an elegant piece for your setting. Though stemless wine glasses are designed more often for red wines, they can be used for cooled white wines.  


Aesthetics of White Wine Glasses

When choosing a collection of white wine glasses to add to your home, the design and appearance can have a great impact on your future drinking experiences. First, consider how well the design of the glass will complement the overall look and feel of your dining setting. Other tips for how the aesthetics of a white wine glass may matter when choosing the right one include:

  • Avoid clashing different patterns or engravings with your current style.
  • Less can be more! Sometimes the simplest designs stand out the most. 
  • Colored crystal glasses, such as amber or red, can enhance the theme of an occasion or holiday.
  • Decide if a longer or shorter stem feels more comfortable in your hand.
  • Glasses with more decoration and intricate designs can make it appear heavier.


Other White Wine Glass Options

William Yeoward Crystal offers magnificent collections of wine glasses and other crystal treasures. Their Georgian-inspired glasses come in multiple sizes for dining and entertaining with style, from beautifully engraved bowls to simple, clean designs.

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options for white wine glasses, Amazon has a variety of choices for simple, brand-name products to add to your home for everyday occasions.


Factors to Consider when Choosing White Wine Glasses

When choosing the right glass for your favorite bottle of Chardonnay or sweet Moscato, consider these important factors that can balance the flavors and aromas and enhance the overall drinking experience.


Unlike red wine, white wines do not need a lot of space to breathe. Instead, white wine glasses usually have a smaller bowl and opening at the rim of the glass to maintain cool temperatures and preserve the citrus aromas. 

Stem Length

Stem length is also an important factor for white wine because a longer stem helps to prevent hands from warming the contents within the glass. White wine is best served cooler than room temperature - between 40-45° degrees Fahrenheit.


Best Overall White Wine Glass 

The wine-tasting experiences you create in your home have everything to do with the glasses in your collection. You want a glass that highlights the important details of your white wine, but still looks and fits comfortably in your hand for all your entertaining affairs.

Fran Berger’s Signature white wine glasses were designed by Fran herself with a uniquely approachable luxury quality that encourages everyday gathering. Elevate any tablescape or bar with these lead-free, 100% crystal glasses. Each glass is handcrafted by heritage glass artisans in the Czech Republic, bringing a high-quality collection to your table that will last you for a lifetime of entertaining. 

Delicate, with a distinctive presence, the glassware feels like a bird in hand, while providing a bold enough profile to complete the look for any occasion. Fran Berger’s signature white wine glasses are sold exclusively as a pair of stems for $260.00 each.


White Wine Glass Care

Cleaning White Wine Glasses

High-quality crystal wine glasses require gentle care when washing to preserve their use and value over time. Follow these 5 steps to ensure safe and effective cleaning of your white wine glasses:

  1. Wet your glass in warm or room temperature water. Avoid using too hot of water, as extreme temperature changes can cause the glass to crack or shatter.

    If your glass has staining, soak it in warm vinegar for 5 minutes before washing. The acidity from the vinegar cuts through minerals and makes cleaning easier. 
  2. Scrub the glass inside and out thoroughly, using a nylon net scrubber to avoid scratching the glass and a little bit of dish soap. For a dazzling shine, you can also wash your glassware in a high-quality, professional glass cleaner, like Restaurant Crystal Clean.

    To better reach the bottom of the glass, wrap a cleaning towel around a fork and gently clean the bottom of the bowl. 
  3. Rinse your glass under warm or room temperature water until it is free of soap suds.
  4. Dry with a lint-free, microfiber cloth for a pristine shine.
  5. Store properly.

Storing White Wine Glasses

The best way to store your white wine glasses is to hang them upside down. This helps to avoid water spots from drying on your white wine glasses. You can do this by mounting a wine glass rack on or under a surface, such as a wall or a kitchen cabinet. 

White Wine Glasses as a Gift

Wine glasses are a classic gift for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and house warmings. While most people own an affordable set of everyday wine glasses, gifting a pair of high-quality, crystal glasses can enhance their tasting experiences and create memorable moments for future home entertaining. 

Choose a set of glasses that highlights the style and personality of your giftee. Delight the recipients of your next celebration with a personalized gift, such as your favorite bottle of white wine paired with a set of Fran Berger’s Signature crystal white wine glasses. Engraved or custom-designed glasses also make a unique gifting idea. 


Finding The Right Wine Glass For All Your Needs

When it comes to white wine glasses, you’ll find everything you need in this ultimate guide. From each of the unique styles available to the best way to care for your collection, you can learn how to indulge in the joys of using your glassware every day.  If you interested about other types of glasses, check out these articles on red vs white wine glasses and champagne glasses.

No matter the occasion, the right set of white wine glasses can create magical moments for yourself or as a gift for others. With advice and resources from home entertaining expert, Fran Berger, you can learn more ways to cultivate affordable and luxurious spaces in your home. 




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