Three Essential Things To Look For When You’re Buying Prosecco

There are three essential things to look for when you're buying prosecco. Do you know what they are? Never fear! I'll tell you! And, while a good prosecco is delicious on its own, add just one or two ingredients, and you can make something totally new. Here are some of my favorites:

- For a natural boost: Consider fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries, peaches, or even a squeeze of citrus. You can also add a touch of floral liqueur like elderflower for a springtime touch.

- For a classic cocktail twist: Prosecco is a base for many popular cocktails. Try adding Campari and sweet vermouth for a Negroni Sbagliato, or go for the iconic Bellini with peach puree.

- For a refreshing twist: Liqueurs like Aperol or St-Germain can add a touch of sweetness and complexity. You can also try a splash of fruit juice like pink grapefruit or pomegranate for a summery vibe.

- For a simple and elegant touch: A high-quality fruit puree or a flavored sparkling water can add a subtle hint of flavor without overpowering the prosecco. You can also buy a jar of hibiscus flowers in rose syrup. Pop a blossom in a flute or coupe and watch it "bloom" so prettily right in the glass!




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