There is something very special about drinking tea out of a beautiful cup

There is something very special about drinking tea out of a beautiful teacup. 

Most people use mugs – you know, the same ones they use for coffee, soup, even ice cream?  Just imagine how different it would be if you used a striking teacup and saucer?  They don’t have to match.  In fact, mixing teacups and saucers can add a touch of whimsy to the moment!

I found some wonderful ideas at Gearys Beverly Hills. The graceful shape of the orange one from Raynaud in their Tresor pattern (if orange isn’t your color – it comes in four different colors!) is one I really love.  Or, if you prefer something more contemporary - the cups from Rosenthal in either their Tac Stripes or Tac 02 Skin Gold would fit your style.  For drama there’s nothing better than the gold lined cup from Dibbern.  You have to admit sipping tea from that teacup would be very special.  But,  one design I’m always drawn to is from Richard Ginori in their Orientale pattern.  It also comes in several colors and would be a great addition to an eclectic table.  And, if you don’t like the saucer, you can always just use a small bread and butter plate instead.  That’s exactly what I did underneath the Tac Stripes teacup.

Unless you’re a collector of antique teacups, the perfect one should be functional too.  Foremost, you want the teacup to be comfortable for use - so being aware of the size of the hands that will use the cup is essential.  Different teacups fit differently for everyone, but some antique teacups have such small handles that I have a very hard time imagining how they ever actually used them.  You would have to pinch the handle between your thumb and forefinger to lift it!  Can you imagine it filled with hot tea and worrying about spilling it everywhere?  Doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon to me.

Take a look at my video to see the beautiful examples I found for you.  Think about how these lovely teacups (or others you might find!) will elevate your experience and bring back the art of drinking tea!






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