Pushing Through the ‘Fear of Failure’

Thrilled to be asked by LivingBetter50 to kick off their series on Extraordinary Women, on February 10. These interviews came at a great time for me – during the launch of my brand expansion! The interviews themselves: a truly humbling experience. Just to be included in this type of series is a validation of everything I’ve been working on over the last year.

One of their questions made me pause: “How did you push past any fears that came up when making the change from restaurateur to launching Food, Family & Friends Over 40?” There are always those little moments of ‘fear of failure’ that come when you start something new. Fear will make anyone doubt their choices, but you can’t change history – there’s no point in looking back.  The initial reaction has been fabulous and it’s helped me confirm that I AM on the right track. The whole experience has only served as fuel for the fire under me to continue this path, to share what I know and persist in making this journey through the second half of my life truly the best half.



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