Shorts and Flip Flops

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I live in Los Angeles, the land of perpetual sunshine and heat. You know, the place where everyone is in t-shirts at the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day and everyone back east watching the game is angry because they’re freezing? Well, I guess the warm weather makes some men confused about dress code for a date.

If you’re meeting someone for the first time and he suggests Happy Hour at a particular restaurant in a nice area – just know that if he shows up in shorts and flip-flops because it’s a nice day, he may not be someone you necessarily want to meet again. This happened to me. A blind date who was clearly blind to dress etiquette for Happy Hour. We were NOT meeting at the beach (where his outfit would have been perfectly fine – he did have good legs) but at a nice restaurant and I had made an effort to look my best and broke out the make-up, tight jeans and heels. Either he was totally out of line or it’s something else that’s changed since I was in my 20’s! Yuck!



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