Red vs. White Wine Glasses | Fran Berger

Whether you're setting a table, hosting a tasting, or simply sharing a favorite vintage with friends, the size and shape of the glasses you use really do make a difference. While you can – and should! – enjoy your red and white wines no matter what style of stemware they're served in; there's a reason all those different glasses exist: to enhance the experience.

Here's the deal on shapes:

  • Red wine glasses have a larger bowl that helps the wine breathe and soften the tannins, releasing the full aroma and flavor while assisting the taste in hitting your palate at the right spot.
  • White wine glasses are typically smaller, with longer stems, narrower bowls, and narrower openings to keep the wine chilled to the right temperature and help the aromas release.
  • Stemless glasses are great, too. Just know that the warmth from your hand will warm the wine a bit, so red wines taste better from a stemless glass than white wines.




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