Pre-party Check: Favorite soap in the powder room? | Fran Berger

Okay, so it’s not the first thing you think of when you’re hosting a gathering or party. But soap for the powder room really ought to be on the checklist. How little, you ask? Well… read on.

I prefer small bar soaps for the powder room. They don’t drip like liquid soap dispensers often do, and they’re not as clumsy as large soap bars. Liquid soap and large bars also tend to make a complete mess. Small bars can be changed frequently, so they always look fresh. Not so much with large bars. That’s why I don’t like to use them no matter how pretty they are. And to be honest, the soap flake idea is novel, but they get everywhere.

There’s the big secret to those little bars of soap. It’s the one thing that makes them so ideal for home entertaining. They’re intended to smell up the room and to give people a pleasant experience after they visit the ‘room of necessity.’ They’re compact and pretty intensely saturated in whatever types of perfume, oils, or minerals that meet your fancy. For that reason, they’re the one exception to my “no scented _______” rule. You just do not want any smells competing for attention after you’ve spent an afternoon cooking in the kitchen, do you?

The exception, of course, is the powder room.

Fran Berger is unquestionably an entertaining dynamo, with an inimitable combination of elegance and edge. Fran's years of knowledge as an established entrepreneur and restaurateur are fused with her love of entertaining. Fran recognized people have so many concerns over entertaining — what to serve, how to serve it, and how to plan overall — making her ability to provide guidance, recommendations, and assistance in curating a personal entertaining style in high demand.


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