Travel Light with a Matched Set of Luggage

I find it pretty interesting when people refer to how much “baggage” someone is or isn’t carrying around with them. Baggage is just another word for luggage and I don’t know about you but I love my luggage – dark brown Bric’s (the actual suitcases that I have in my closet that I use for actual travel). I’m kind of addicted to it, I guess, as one of my long time friends has threatened me with harm if I buy another piece. Well, I showed her… I bought a piece that will be just perfect if I go somewhere for just one or two nights! When I told her, she couldn’t stop laughing at me – not nice!!




Anyway, getting back to my original reason for this post… we all know people who carry around this “baggage” from past relationships, hurts or slights they’ve received – real or imagined. I know that I have a few pieces myself. The problem with lugging it around with you is that eventually, it gets really really heavy. If you’re insisting that you carry around “baggage” from stuff that happened in the past, it just means that (if you’re like me) it’s either a matched set (beautiful but heavy none the less) or just a bunch of ugly mismatched cases. Either way, this kind of baggage will definitely NOT further your trip in this life.

Letting go of this type of baggage is not usually easy and, in fact, very often if you’ve been carrying it a long time, it has become so much a part of your “look” that you don’t think you can actually leave it behind. It’s not that I’m suggesting you forget whatever it is that you’ve found so important to carry. I have an elephant’s memory – just don’t carry it around to affect how you live your life. I’m working on getting rid of these invisible pieces and only keeping the kind that I can pack with clothes and shoes for my next trip. What I’ve found is that as I leave each of these imaginary pieces behind, my load is that much lighter and I smile a whole lot more as I’m just going about my day. The unexpected perk is that people smile back (even in LA!). Maybe not the best look for wrinkles but a much happier way to live.



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