Just Choose Already!

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Something that drives me absolutely crazy is when someone I know is presented with a decision/choice and they procrastinate. This goes for work related choices all the way to dinner decisions. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be discussion or thought about whatever the subject is or that there shouldn’t be some back and forth over it. But it’s not going to disappear by itself, people! Don’t they know that trying to ignore it and not making that choice/decision is, in itself, a choice/decision?
Equally important to making the choice/decision is the knowledge that whatever they decide may have consequences… and they have to be prepared for them. The consequence could be positive – say deciding that you are going on the great trip you’ve always wanted instead of being lazy, not deciding and then not going because the terrific plane fare disappeared while you were waffling. Or it could be negative – the trip that sounded good but it was to the wrong place or with the wrong person. But just maybe you will get that wonderful dinner you’ve been looking forward to instead of yesterday’s dinner just reheated.

Just choose already!



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