The Cure for the Holiday Season Blues: A Nice Trip


This year, the holidays snuck up on me.

Usually I’ve finished my shopping for gifts long before everyone else, am feeling quite smug about it and am ready to put on my dancing shoes. This year, not so much and, to my surprise, I’ve been hit with a slight case of the “holiday blues.”

It might have had something to do with my being out of my home (that I lived in less than a year) for over 3 months due to a flood and dealing with construction. Or perhaps it is because that was my third move in as many years, or maybe it’s my decision to retire from my restaurants that I’ve owned for more than 20 years to start a new career, or maybe it was just actually succumbing to a case of those holiday blues that seem to affect a lot of us. In any case, and no matter the reason, it’s been a surprise – and now I’m going to do something about it.

If you know me, I am never one to stay low for long. I always have a cure right on hand. And nothing’s better for the holiday blues than some traveling. I got myself invited to a girlfriend’s house for Christmas Eve, complete with plans for Chinese food for Christmas Day. Then I’ll move on to see another friend for dinner and a movie. And I’m going to keep traveling – deal with my ‘blueness’ one day at a time until the holidays are finally over and I can start a new year.

Haven’t figured out New Year’s Eve yet, though. I’ll bet it means another trip.



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