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Gifts She'll Love: Fran's Women's Gift Guide


Challenged by originality? Remember to be thoughtful.

It’s probably a huge generalization, but I think it’s a lot easier to get a gift for a guy-friend than it is for a girl-friend. Not saying that guys are less sophisticated or that women are overly complex – not at all.I think it has more to do with being a woman, coming up with an original gift idea for another woman.

Originality is the challenge – many men don’t care that much about originality but for us women it’s in the DNA. How about this example: men don’t seem to mind much about showing up to a party with the same Tommy Bahama shirt as another guy. But – if two women show up to the same event wearing the same dress? Disaster!  I went to a black tie party once where THREE women showed up wearing the exact same designer dress. Talk about a problem…

And then, just when you think you’ve come up with the perfect gift idea, she tells you how much she loves your gift from last year –exactly what you thought was so original for this year! That’s why I have a notebook and why I keep track. I don’t do it to impress people that I’m original. I do it to keep myself organized. I love it when I give a gift and the eyes open wide from the sheer joy of receiving something unexpected. I delight in the art of giving in the very same way that I love to entertain guests who come to my gatherings. It’s no fun unless everyone is excited. And itjust so happens that “originality” is a key ingredient for that kind of success.

I’m constantly jotting ideas down all year long as I think of them. It took me nearly the whole year to build my gift lists: one for men, the other for women.  Here’s my 2018 list of Gift Ideas for Women, all thanks to Bloomingdales and Geary’s of Beverly Hills. And watch my video for a close look at all of these lovely gift ideas:

Scarfs from Zadiq & Voltaire. This label is one of my favorite fashion brands.I love all of their designs – especially the grey skulls!

Bedside Crystal Carafe and Glass from Majestic Gifts and a gorgeous tray from Juliska. Now, this is truly special and unique: a bedside crystal carafe on a special tray to keep your friend hydrated through the night. It’s always a good idea to have water by your bedside. If you wake up at night, like I do, it’ll be right there.

TinyTress Press from Dry Bar. Have a friend who has curly hair but wishes it was straight and loves to travel? This is perfect for them. It’s a detailing iron that nice and compact. Great for touch-ups while on the go. And–added bonus—it has a dual voltage feature that’s perfect for global nomads.

Lucky Butterfly from Baccarat. The butterfly is offered in twelve beautiful colors and absolute perfect quality, this is a jewel-like touch for your friend’s table top décor. The butterfly isa symbol of freedom and grace and giving the Papillon Lucky Butterfly is a way for you to express these qualities for your friend.  

Picture Frames from Match1995. I love pewter. And pewter picture frames are an excellent gift:  no polishing, no worries. Match1995 has other perfect gifts, handmade in pewter. This is a favorite brand of mine.

Collectible Animal Figurines from Herend. Start your friend’s collection, or help them take their existing one up a notch.These are truly exquisite collectible animal figurines, such lovely design and craftsmanship. And Herend has so many different little animals in multiple colors and most have a funny side to them (when pigs fly, bunny chef, frog in a meditation pose, just to name a few).

Scented Candles Decorative Candles from the Baobab Collection. Candles are such a lovely thing to add to a home. I love the flickering warmth of a tiny flame, especially when it’s framed inside one of these beautiful glass jars. The great thing is they burn completely down so the empty glass can be used for flowers!

If you love entertaining friends and family at home, then you’re already there for giving fabulous gifts for your friends. All they want is a little sign of your thoughtfulness. Originality comes along for the ride with the joy shared by all.



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