CELEBRATE My first book!! | Fran Berger

I NEVER knew I’d be an author.


To be honest, I never even thought I’d be a restaurateur for over 20 years as the Founder of The Farm of Beverly Hills®.  But that journey taught me so much! In fact, it is what fueled my love of Entertaining and the magic that comes with spending time with friends and family “around the table.”


I'm NERVOUS, excited, and happy to announce and share with you the release of my FIRST book, "The Catalogue VOL. 1.” As you've heard me say - repeatedly - the goal of Sophisticated Home Entertaining is to create gatherings that kindle those precious, life-lasting memories that people talk about for years to come. 


I put everything into this book - It took me 2 years to create! I’m sharing with you a curated collection of my favorite Home Entertaining pieces I've found over the years: Coffee, Bar, Salad, Casual, Formal, Al Fresco, Cool Things, Flatware, and Linen. I’ll show you how to use the collection of entertaining and kitchenware pieces you already have and love; take advantage of items you own but probably don’t use very often; and select a few pieces you can add to make entertaining more memorable and infinitely easier.


You can pre-order NOW until October 19th with SHIPPING INCLUDED! Orders Ship Priority on October 22nd - Purchase Here:


Join me in this celebration!


Fran Berger is unquestionably an entertaining dynamo, with an inimitable combination of elegance and edge. After mastering an incredibly successful over 20-year run as the original owner of The Farm of Beverly Hills®, a much-ballyhooed Beverly Hills landmark and Los Angeles area mini-chain of restaurants, where the Cobb Salad and Brownies have become gastronomic staples, Fran has gone on to earn her place in the national spotlight as one of the country's go-to home entertaining experts, becoming a recognizable face on daytime television and in consumer lifestyle media.

Fran's years of knowledge as an established entrepreneur and restaurateur are fused with her love of entertaining. Fran recognized people have so many concerns over entertaining — what to serve, how to serve it, and how to plan overall — making her ability to provide guidance, recommendations, and assistance in curating a personal entertaining style in high demand.

Fran doesn't plan parties. Instead, she works closely with her clients, who like a sophisticated lifestyle. She helps them curate the perfect bespoke experience for their guests. She knows all of her clients want to impress their guests with sophistication. Those she chooses to work with include some clients who may be just dipping their feet into the shallow end of the pool vis-à-vis entertaining and not sure where to start. They may need help organizing or reorganizing their dining areas after many years in the same home. Or, perhaps maybe those who have just purchased a beautiful new home and are now looking for the perfect refined collection of kitchenware.

As she excitedly proclaims, "If you're not comfortable entertaining, you're simply not going to do it, and then you've lost the opportunity for the joy in your life of having people come together. To me, this is the essence of life itself — inviting people together to get to know one another on a deeper level and having great fun over fabulous food."

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