Bluelene Night and Day Cream | Fran Berger

For years, my friends have been amazed that my skincare routine did not include a night cream. What can I tell you—I had never tried one that I loved. That is, until now! I found this incredible Night Plus+ night cream that includes a Vitamin C Serum from Bluelene, and I have even switched to using their Daily Moisturizer, too. I can feel the difference every single day! When I wake up, my skin feels fresh and full and young. The day cream layers so smoothly and lightly, and is the perfect start to my morning. The research on Methylene Blue is incredible- it not only repairs the daily UV damage your skin suffers but can even help your sunscreen shield you from the start. Bluelene also offers a sunscreen for extra protection that levels up all these benefits. Your skin will thank you!




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