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Best Champagne Glasses - Reviewed by Fran Berger

The Importance of the Right Glassware for Enjoying Champagne

Life is filled with moments that are best enjoyed with Champagne and having the right glassware plays an important role in the experience. There are several factors to consider - shape, value, and design, to name a few - that bring out the characteristics and best complement your bubbly of choice.  

With 25 years in the restaurant and style industry, Fran Berger has honed her decades of expertise to curate the highest-quality and most unique homeware for her esteemed clients. From the finest crystal to the most elegant designs, these are the best Champagne glasses to add to your dining collection according to Fran.


Factors to Consider

When it comes to fine dining, shopping for Champagne glasses is a highly unique and personal experience. Not only are you looking for something that matches your elegance and style, but you also want a set of Champagne glasses that can be useful in multiple settings and will stand the test of time. When choosing a champagne glass, it’s important to consider these four features:


Depending on your priorities, knowing what to look for in terms of design will help you find the right Champagne glass for your collection. Whether you prefer a shorter stem, an oversized flute, one that feels light and airy in your hands, or a bold and charismatic glass that stands out in a crowd, having an idea of design in mind when looking for your next set of champagne glasses will help to make your decision easier.


From the material it is made with to the designer’s craftsmanship, finding a durable, high-quality Champagne glass will provide you with memorable experiences time and time again. It’s also a good idea to consider the cleaning and care process that is required to keep the shine and brightness of your Champagne glass.   


Finding a Champagne glass of high value does not always mean it will come at a higher cost. Knowing what you plan to invest in your glassware will help you to find a set that is valuable and still within your budget.

Size & Shape

The shape and size of your Champagne glass can be an important factor in your tasting experience. A slimmer body makes for a bubbly mouthfeel, whereas a larger opening can encourage the beads to disperse more quickly. Stem length is also an important factor for Champagne because a longer stem helps to prevent hands from warming the contents within the glass.


Types of Champagne Glasses 

Champagne Flute

The flute is the most common type of Champagne glass. These glasses display a narrower mouth and bowl, which helps to preserve the effervescence of the Champagne while the longer stems prevent hands from warming the beverage.

Champagne Tulip

The tulip glass is ideal for Champagne because it has a narrow mouth and a wider bowl, which allows the bubbles to float to the top and the aromas to develop fully.

Wide Tulip

Much like the tulip, the wide tulip champagne glass offers the same graceful shape, but the wideness of the bowl is lower and located towards the stem. This is practical for collecting aged flavors found in fine sparkling wines, like vintage champagne.

Champagne Coupes (or Saucers)

Popular in the 1950s, the coupe-style Champagne glass has a very wide, open bowl and might have a shorter stem. The shape of the coupe glass allows the bubbles to disperse rapidly, which helps soften the taste and lessen the acidity (if you don’t like too many bubbles, this is an ideal type of glass to use). This glass works best for themed occasions and celebrations.


16 Best Luxury Champagne Glasses

Fran Berger’s Signature Champagne Flute

1. Fran’s Signature Champagne Flute

Fran Berger firmly believes that every moment is worth celebrating. So, as a highly renowned expert in home entertaining, Fran spared no detail in designing a Champagne flute that elevates the whole experience, unlike any other glass on the market. 

These oversized, 100% lead-free crystal glasses are hand-blown in the Czech Republic and possess a graceful and elegant design - with a very tall, slender, sexy stem, a slight curve at the top of each glass, and finishing with a paper-thin rim. The way they sit so lightly in your hand and on the lip truly heightens each of your senses.

These deluxe glasses are highly versatile, making them ideal for any occasion. These are sophisticated enough for big celebrations but also perfect for toasting to the smaller moments in your daily life with signature sophistication, whether it’s a 20-person dinner or a night alone curled up with a good book. Fran’s signature glasses are sold in pairs (2 flutes) for $260.

Zalto Denkart Champagne Glass

Shop Champagne Flutes

2. Zalto - Denkart Champagne Glass

Zalto is known for creating purposeful glassware for all your dining experiences. The Denkart Champagne glass displays an elegant and unique shape that combines Zalto’s long-standing tradition, craftsmanship, and well-proportioned aesthetics. This glass highlights the enchanting bubbles and enhances the minerality of your Champagne of choice. The Denkart Champagne glass is versatile, as it can be used for multiple wines, including Champagne, Sekt, Prosecco, Spumante, and Cava. The only downside - you might never want to put it down!

Zwiesel Champagne Glass Air Sense

3. Zwiesel - Champagne Glass Air Sense

    More than your average glassware, The Air Sense Champagne glass takes wine drinking to the next level. Sparkling wine enthusiasts will enjoy the difference with the Air Sense Champagne glass. This exclusive, Swedish-designed flute is handmade and features an integrated glass decanting sphere so that you can hold the entire experience right in your hand. You can invest in a pair of Air Sense glasses for $211.

    Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo Red set and Clear Set

    4. Baccarat - Mille Nuits Flutissimo

      The Baccarat Crystal Fluttissimo is part of the Mille Nuit collection by Mathais. These gorgeous crystal flutes have an elongated shape and a beautifully detailed stem, adding a fun and elegant flair to your next hosting experience.

      These champagne glasses come in several colors to match any style and theme. Baccarat offers these crystal flutes in:

      • Clear
      • Amber
      • Red
      • Blue
      • Moss

      Whether you need them for a specific event or just to add to your home collection, these glasses will make your dining room sparkle every time you bring out the bubbly! These are one-of-a-kind flutes that your guests will love, no matter the occasion. While they are a costly investment ($600 for a set of 2), their high-quality design will last you through years of memorable moments.

      Waterford - Lismore Diamond Essence Flute

      5. Waterford - Lismore Diamond Essence Flute

      If there was a Champagne glass that exuded romance, it would be the Lismore Diamond Essence flute from Waterford. The slim, narrow body is perfectly symmetrical to the tall and petite stem. The faceted diamond and alternating vertical cuts of the Lismore Diamond pattern will turn heads from across the room. Add a touch of luxury to your home entertainment for $105 a flute.

      Mikasa - Gianna Ombre Blue Flutes

      6. Mikasa - Gianna Ombre Blue Flutes

      The Mikasa Gianna Champagne flutes bring a new flair to your table setting. These glasses are designed with a traditional flute shape, making them perfect for pairing with casual or formal dinnerware. Their blue, ombre fade is a subtle, yet sophisticated feature that will both enhance the atmosphere and dazzle the eyes of your guests.

      The Gianna flutes are of high quality, crafted of crystal with added titanium for durability to withstand extended use. They are also very reasonably priced at $54.99 for a set of 4. Though the blue shade may not appeal to everyone’s style, these glasses are a unique addition to any collection.

      Orrefors - Intermezzo Blue Flute

      7. Orrefors - Intermezzo Blue Flute

      If blue is your color, then a set of Intermezzo Blue flutes by Orrefors can make for a fabulous appearance at all your dining occasions. Designed in 1984, these handblown, Swedish Champagne flutes display a tall, slim bowl to help preserve the bubbles of your sparkling wine. As an added flare, the Intermezzo flute has a drop of blue sealed inside the stem - an innovative twist to match your expressive style. These glasses can be purchased for $94 per flute.

      Orrefors Difference Sparkling

      8. Orrefors - Difference Sparkling

      Mouth-blown in Sweden by expert glassblowers, the Difference Sparkling Champagne glass by Orrefors is a classic and traditional piece that will enhance your celebrations. From the tall and generous bowl to the traditional craftsmanship, Difference Sparkling makes an excellent glass for all kinds of sparkling wines, including Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and Crémant. Each glass holds 10 oz of Champagne, allowing you more sips to enjoy. They can be purchased for $100 per glass.

      Saint-Louis Crystal Thistle Platinum Champagne Cup

      9. Saint-Louis Crystal - Thistle Platinum Champagne Cup

      For over 100 years, the Thistle collection has sparkled nobly on the best of tables. This French-inspired Champagne coupe has a wide bowl and opening to allow the bubbles to disperse and expose more air to the surface for an aromatic and flavorful sip. The Thistle Platinum Champagne Cup is one of a kind, with Venetian-style stripes, bevel cuts, and a decoration made from 24-carat gold or platinum.

      This cup is best for those who prefer less effervescence of Champagne but want elegant and unique glassware for their special dining occasions. The Platinum Champagne cup is sold at around $450 each. 

      William Yeoward Corrine Champagne Flute Hollow Stem

      10. William Yeoward - Corrine Champagne Flute Hollow Stem

      William Yeoward offers some of the finest handmade crystal glasses and the Corrine Champagne Flute does not disappoint. Pour your next bottle of Dom Perignon into these sophisticated, contemporary flutes. Inspired by glassware from the Jazz Age, these flutes display an elegant, vertical pattern along a hollow stem.

      These stylish glasses are excellent for any celebration, from an extravagant New Year’s gathering to a simple Friday night dinner at home. You can start your Corrine collection at $66 a piece.

      Spiegelau Vino Grande Champagne Glasses

      11. Spiegelau Vino Grande Champagne Glasses 

      The classic, slim shape of the Vino Grande Champagne glass by Spiegelau is perfect for pairing with light, fresh, dry Champagnes, Proseccos, and sparkling wines. The narrow body and opening encourage the beads of your bubbly for a sensational drinking experience. Machine-blown glasses, while less popular, are more affordable and still highly durable. Spiegelau offers the Vino Grande Champagne glasses as a set of 4. 

      Saks Fifth Avenue Schott Zwiesel

      12. Saks Fifth Avenue - Schott Zwiesel

      For those that like to casually toast in everyday settings, the Schott Zwiesel Champagne glass by Saks Fifth is an excellent quality crystal glass. This stemless glass is perfect for everyday entertaining, both casual and formal. Each displays a long, slim body, designed for sipping your favorite sparkling wine any time of the year. You can purchase a set of 6 for an exceptionally low price of $96.

      Royal Dalton  Highclere Champagne Flute

      13. Royal Dalton - Highclere Champagne Flute

      Royal Dalton’s Highclere Champagne flutes are modern and sophisticated glasses, characterized by their stunning diamond and wedge-cut crystal. The shorter stem emphasizes the deeper body and details of the design. Your dining table will shimmer when you place these flutes on the table for your next occasion. Something to consider: these glasses require more care in cleaning, as they are hand-wash only.

      Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition

      14. Gabriel-Glas - Gold Edition

      Feather-light in your hand, the Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition glassware makes for a comfortable and exquisite tasting experience. These 100% lead-free crystal glasses are hand-blown and handcrafted by a team of experienced artisans. Even with their delicate look, these high-quality glasses are durable and dishwasher-safe, making them perfect for everyday use. Give the unique gift of a pair in the Gabriel-Glas packaging for $186.

      Bloomingdale’s Olivia Riegel Dogwood Flute

      15. Bloomingdale’s - Olivia Riegel Dogwood Flute

      Enhance the beauty of toasting Champagne with the Olivia Riegel Dogwood flutes.  Perfect for a themed celebration or small wedding, these Champagne flutes are from one of Bloomingdale’s exclusive collections. Each glass is decorated with dogwood blossoms richly cast in gold-tone finished pewter, intricate ivory-hued hand-enameling, and hand-set clear European crystals - they look even more beautiful in hand. These flutes are sold in pairs at $275. 

      Bloomingdale’s Olivia Riegel Windsor Flute

      16. Bloomingdale’s Olivia Riegel Windsor Flute

      Another Bloomingdale’s exclusive, the Olivia Riegel Windsor flutes will “wow” your guests with their luxurious look and intricate design. These Champagne glasses are made for those who want to sparkle, with each flute featuring hand-set Swarovski crystals and finished cast pewter in your choice of gold or silver. Their tulip flared lip is ideal for allowing optimal concentration and expression of flavors. Upgrade your glassware for $275 for a set of two flutes. 


      Choosing The Best Drinkware For All Your Occasions

      While there are many different Champagnes to indulge in, the vessel you drink it from makes a significant difference.  When you add one of these high-quality sets to your dining collection, like the Fran Berger Signature Champagne Glasses, you will experience the joys and simple luxury of using your glassware every day.

      Expand your entertaining expertise by finding the perfect glasses for your red and white wine tastings. If You're interested in leveling your champagne experience check out my other article about How to Serve Champagne. Read Fran’s blog to find the best fit for your home and style and to bring a touch of elegance and a sense of purpose to all your future celebrations.



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