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Fran Berger Curated Homeware

“I believe your home should be a reflection of your style and a haven of comfort. That's why I've curated this collection of exquisite homeware, encompassing everything from elegant serveware to statement accessories and luxurious throws. Whether you're searching for the perfect hostess gift, a stylish upgrade for your kitchen, or a cozy addition to your living room, you'll find it here. Explore each collection and discover the pieces that will transform your house into a home you love.”

Aria Serving Board

$165.00 / PAIR

You’ll wonder how you ever entertained without the Aria Serving Board. Slim and perfect for a cheese or charcuterie board, stunning as the backdrop for your dessert assortment, and ideal for slicing and serving fresh baked bread and pastries, you will find yourself using it again and again. Sustainably handmade by a small team, the ebonized oak is lovely enough to hang on the wall as artwork when it’s not in use. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly before putting it away.

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Champagne Flute

$260.00 / PAIR

Bubbles have never looked more beautiful! Delicate, with a distinct presence, this glassware feels like a bird in hand. Clean, crisp lines exemplify the modern yet timeless design sensibilities of our crystal champagne flute, elegantly heightening the drinking experience with every sip.

In a box of two champagne flutes.

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White Wine Glass

$260.00 / PAIR

Elevate your drinking experience with the exceptional detailing and expressive design of The Crane wine glass. Crafted especially for savoring your favorite white varietals, this glass is luxurious enough for special occasions as well as making every setting celebratory.

In a box of two white wine glasses.

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Fine Red Wine Glass

$260.00 / PAIR

Designed to encourage the true flavor of bigger and bolder reds, The Ibis features a full-bodied, bowled silhouette in an artisanal gesture of unique, light-as-air beauty.  This red wine glass is a distinctive coming together of form and function suited for every table and bar.

In a box of two red wine glasses.

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Medium Oval Bowl

$315.00 / PAIR

This handmade walnut bowl is so naturally gorgeous and versatile. You can use it to serve salad or pasta, or to pass fresh-baked bread. Its simple beauty makes it the perfect base for a display of fresh fruit or other beautiful things, and while it is large enough to hold a substantial volume, it is small enough that it will not be heavy or cumbersome as it makes its rounds at your table. Gently hand wash and dry, and condition from time to time.

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Malia Organic Bowl

$160.00 / PAIR

“Malia” means “queen” in Swahili, and I love using these Malia bowls because the dramatic organic shapes make them the queen of the table! Each is handmade from Ankole cow horn by Ugandan artisans, so no two will have the exact same color or shape. They’re as functional as they are beautiful, and might just be the perfect place for citrus on your breakfast table. Hand wash only with cool water and mild soap. Dry immediately. These bowls are heat sensitive, so do not microwave or place in the dishwasher. 

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Brass & White Marble Utility Wine Cooler/Canister

$120.00 / PAIR

Whether you use it to chill your favorite wines or bubbles, in the kitchen as a utensil holder, or elsewhere around the house as a cachepot, the brass foot and the solid marble on this canister will add elegance to any space. Add the brass cocktail shaker and the marble and brass serving board and you’ve got a striking home bar. Hint: this also makes a fantastic, off-the-registry, wedding gift!

Hand wash only and dry immediately.

Pictured with the Swallow Champagne Flute

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Coupe Glass

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Coupe Glass

$260.00 / PAIR

Toast, sip, repeat. The Heron is designed with boundless pleasure for the senses with its unique modern flourishes on the classic coupe form.  A sensational crystal design perfect for serving up fabulous cocktails and everlasting memories.

In a box of two coupe glasses.

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Edge Grain Board

$300.00 / PAIR

Treated correctly, this cutting board could become your next family heirloom. It’s practical enough for all your kitchen chopping and prep work, and beautiful enough to use as the base for a cheese or charcuterie board. Sustainably handmade of solid walnut by a small team, it has integrated handles on the sides for easy carrying. Keep it out of the dishwasher—just wipe it with a soapy sponge, rinse with hot water, and let it air dry. Condition it occasionally with a food-grade mineral oil. 

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Salt Cellar with Match Pewter Spoon

$100.00 / PAIR

Perfect for any table or kitchen counter, this handmade solid walnut salt cellar with a sliding lid comes with its own pewter spoon for scooping. The size is substantial enough to claim its place on your table, but small enough to easily be carried and passed. 

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Large Brass & White Marble Serving Board

$105.00 / PAIR

How will you use this stunning serving board? As a decadent dessert platter? An inviting cheese board? A colorful charcuterie? You could even use it as a pedestal for the most prized bottles at your next wine tasting, or you could simply prep your food on it. A solid slab of white marble, with rounded corners and circular brass feet, the possible uses are practically endless. Hand wash and dry. 

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Aperitif Glass

$190.00 / PAIR

Like its namesake, The Hummingbird aperitif glass evokes a sense of wonder and delight with its delicate nature yet subtle strength. This petite design is a showstopping silhouette of sophistication that raises every moment into the realm of exceptional.   

In a box of two aperitif glasses.

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Paper Towel Holder Angled

$245.00 / PAIR

Even quick clean-ups feel a bit luxe when your paper towels are held by this walnut and brass roll holder. Each piece of wood is selected for its beauty and uniqueness. You’ll love how this dresses up your countertop. 

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Mod Bowl

$440.00 / PAIR

As a fruit bowl on your counter, or as a salad or pasta bowl that’s passed around your next family-style meal, this stunning walnut bowl with its wide brass inlay will make a statement anywhere. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly before putting it away.

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Charcuterie Board

$225.00 / PAIR

Every gathering needs some version of a cheese or charcuterie board, whether you fill it with traditional meats and cheeses, or wow your guests with sliced fruits or fresh and pickled vegetables. Whatever you choose, this stunning walnut board is big enough for cheese, nuts, crackers, fruit, cookies, candy… whatever you can imagine. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly before putting it away and it will last for decades.

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