Fresh Ricotta Recipe – Quick and Easy Share With Friends

Fresh Ricotta Recipe with Roasted Grapes, Fresh Thyme, on Grilled Bread I love to invite my girlfriends over for a party and I especially love to try new recipes on them but my problem is that I tend to go a...

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Difficult Relationships: Sometimes, People Fire Themselves

A friend of mine owns a successful small American restaurant in Los Angeles; great food, atmosphere and has always had a really professional staff.  I’ll tell you who it is later because this post isn’t about the restaurant.  It’s about...

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Sfixio, Discover Your Secret Italian

I’m going to make a confession here – my favorite cuisine is Italian and my hands-down favorite Italian restaurant is Sfixio in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s the closest to any food I’ve eaten in Italy that I can find in the...

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